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NatWest returns as a Visionary-level SiW Sponsor. Major collaboration announcement forthcoming.

Whova provides official SiW app: offers personal agendas, interactive maps, in-app networking

David Lehman, Connecticut's DECD Commissioner to give closing remarks for FastFWD

2019 schedule released, over 20 events announced and tickets go on sale soon

SiW, UCONN Stamford set to announce substantially expanded partnership, new student opportunities

Stamford Innovation Week nominated as 'Event of the Year' for the CT Entrepreneur Awards

Early Bird (heavily discounted) tickets available in May and June only. Look out for announcement email.

jon winkel siweek

SiW Chairman Jonathan Winkel nominated as Community Builder of the Year in the CT Entrepreneur Awards

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September 19-28th, 2019

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2019 Schedule Preview

Thursday 9/19 | 9am-5pm

ATD Conference

ATD Southern Connecticut is the local chapter of the Association for Talent Development. The ATD is a national organization and the world’s premier professional association for talent development. ATD is a leading resource for workplace learning and performance issues. Its membership includes more than 70,000 people in the field of workplace performance in 100 countries worldwide.

Thursday 9/19 | 5pm-8pm

Robinson+Cole Roofdeck Party

Please join us for a party on Robinson+Cole’s balcony during Stamford Innovation Week. Enjoy cocktail accommodations and intriguing conversations while soaking in panoramic views of Stamford’s Mill River Park. 

Friday 9/20 | 9am-5pm

Blockchain Day

From crypto anarchists to enterprise blockchain solutions, this full-day conference helps you take your blockchain skills (and network) to the next level. Whether you’re just getting started or building the global domination strategy for your next blockchain venture this event is sure to provide tremendous value.

Friday 9/20 | 9am-5pm

Digital Media CT

The 2018 DMCT Summit served as the kickoff to a revamped Digital Media CT program. The event included a variety of speakers from CT content producers and beyond. This included professionals from NBC Sports, ESPN, NickJr., Scholastic, Octagon, and CPTV. Planning is underway for the 2019 DMCT Summit.

Friday 9/20 | 5pm-10pm

Kickoff Festival

We’re planning an epic urban art festival amidst a twisting industrial landscape. This event will feature live painters, live music, performers, video projection art, food trucks and much more. Stay tuned for a bunch of announcements all summer.

Friday 9/20 | 5pm-10pm

Startup Weekend by The Ferguson Library

People looking to explore a business concept can create a prototype of their idea and receive professional feedback at Startup Weekend Stamford.

Participants will have the chance to pitch a business idea as well as listen to others, vote on the most interesting plans, then form teams. The free event is sponsored by Techstars, an entrepreneur mentorship organization.

Saturday 9/21 | 6pm-9pm

People's Choice Popup Art Gallery by Chilton Chadwick

Chilton Chadwich is proud to present The “People’s Choice’ Gallery, a showcase of art and artists from across the region. The process starts long before the event on 9/21. Artists can submit their work all summer and SiW registrants can vote on the artists and pieces they would like to see in the main event. There, the pieces will be offered for sale and a jury of gallerists and reviews will crown the ‘best in show.’

Monday 9/23 | 9am-5pm

Python Crash Course

If you’re looking to take your Python development skills to the next level, this is the event for you. In addition to learning from a world-class Python expert, you’ll get to know your peers in the space for future help and collaboration.

Multiple Days | Noon-1:30pm

Werth Institute Luncheon Series

Join industry thought leaders for fascinating discussions and deep insights into emerging technologies. The luncheon series explores the latest trends in Blockchain, Smart Cities, Digital Privacy & Security and much more.

Wednesday 9/25 | 1pm-5pm

UCONN DMD Faculty Showcase

Digital Media is a disruptive force that continues to evolve and transform our future landscape. It converges within the worlds of business, entertainment, education, and communication.

The Digital Media & Design Faculty Showcase is an opportunity for the Stamford community to meet DMD faculty, learn about their work, and better understand their projects.

Wednesday 9/25 | 5pm-10pm

Innovation Lab (iLab)

The Innovation Lab (iLab) is an indoor/outdoor showcase of the latest ideas, tools, technologies, and experiences defining what it means to ‘innovate’ today. Plan to see (and play with) drones, 3d printers, a crypto-mining rig, and much more.

Thursday 9/26 | 1pm-7pm

iSpark—Demo Day & Shark Tank

This unique event takes the format of a traditional pitch competition, flips it on its head, and substantially raises the stakes. Join your venture and tech startup peers for a high-profile competition for connections, prizes, awareness, and potential investment. After an open demo session, startups are hand picked by the sharks and head to ‘the tank’ where anything can happen.

Friday 9/27 | 8:30am-6pm

FastFWD-The Innovation & Technology Conference

FastFWD brings together leaders to share insights and trends driving innovation and creating disruption today—and what the future might hold. Agnostic to both industry and discipline, the conference takes a broader approach. We look at markets, technologies, geopolitical movements and other ‘macro’ level concepts and events to explore the root cause of change. And what opportunities and challenges we need to prepare for today.

Saturday 9/28 | Noon-10pm

VIP Experience @ Half Full's OktoBEERfest

OktoBEERfest In The Park is an Oktoberfest-style event featuring the areas best food trucks, a true “garden” themed Pop-Up Beer Garden, and Live Music from a variety of local acts. The festival is held in support of the Mill River Park Collaborative and takes place on The North Lawn & Grand Steps in Mill River Park in downtown Stamford.

Stamford Innovation Week Conference

FastFWD—The Innovation & Tech Conference September 27th

Join us for a full day of speakers, events, and our closing keynote speaker. Then revel and network late into the evening at our Oktobeerfest collaboration with Half Full Brewery. Event content is organized into 6 distinct themes:

  • Emerging Technology
  • Privacy & Security
  • Driving Innovation
  • People, Teams, Learning and Training
  • Trend Spotting and Forecasting

iSpark—Demo Day & Shark Tank

Join your startup peers in a high-profile competition for connectionsprizesawareness, and potential investment. After a 5-hour expo, startups are hand picked by our sharks and head to ‘the tank’ where anything can happen.

A Look Back at SiW 2018

With over 50 events and 3,000 tickets sold or claimed, last year was a grand success thanks to you, our community.

Our kickoff show at Stamford Town Center created the momentum and excitement that set the stage for our event series. From there, dozens of events featured themes like blockchain, sustainability, learning and training, and much more.

Be sure to check out our 2018 Review page for additional information, all the numbers from 2018, and our gallery.

Extend your 2019 Experience With the SiW App

This year, we’re partnering with Whova, a global leader in conference experience technology, to bring you the SiW app. After you register for your events or purchase your tickets, you’ll be able to download the mobile app. This full-featured app enables you to easily navigate everything that SiW has to offer, including:

  • Quick Shortcuts to Important Information
  • Agenda & Schedule Management
  • Networking
  • Venue & Parking Info
  • Discussion Boards
  • Contests, Discounts, and Incentives
  • Easy Check-ins With QR Codes