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September 18-28th, 2019

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FastFWD Conference September 27th

Join us for a full day of speakers, events, and our closing keynote ceremony. Revel and network late into the evening at our Oktobeerfest collaboration with Half Full Brewery. Event content is organized into 5 distinct tracks:

  • Emerging Technology
  • Entrepreneurs & Startups
  • Digital Media
  • Food & Beverage
  • Blockchain


Our 2019 calendar is starting to take its final shape! The schedule builds up throughout the nearly 10 days of content. Starting with lunches, track breakouts, and the opening show the week then quickly builds up to our demo day, shark tank and main event The FastFWD Conference.

Beginning with our marketing launch in April, we’ll be announcing new speakers, events, venues and performers each week. Be sure to stay tuned and check back regularly for exciting news and updates. Our work with popup spaces and venues means we’ll be announcing new events all the way through August!


Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, most tickets are highly subsidized. This means our ticket prices are about 25% of the market rate for comparable events. If this year is anything like last year, many events will sell out. Be sure to get your ticket as soon as the ‘early-bird release’ is announced in April!


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  • Many cultural and community events are free and open to the public. These include events like Startup Weekend, the Popup Gallery, and more. In order to attend a free event you must register online in advance.



  • Some SiW events like our Kickoff Show, Oktobeerfest, and others carry expenses or are done with partners. As such, we must charge a nominal fee to keep SiW sustainable.



  • The FastFWD conference features speakers, companies and concepts leading their industries and fields. The FastFWD conference pass is all-access for the rest of Stamford Innovation Week. This means you can use your pass to attend any available free or premium event.

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