Learning @ SiW

Stamford Innovation Week is thrilled to announce that this year we will be offering digital badges for event attendees, presenters, and speakers!

How it Works

Digital badges, among other things, indicate achievements, skills gained, or completed experiences. They are credentialed, verifiable, and accessible online. Some of SiW’s badges expire after one year (due to the nature of ever-changing technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial tactics)! Others have no expiration – you have these credentials forever! Use your digital badges on your resume, CV, LinkedIn, personal websites, and more. 

A variety of digital badges will be distributed for attendees, presenters, and speakers alike in the weeks following the event. Here’s how it works:


How do I get a badge from SiW?

Get your ticket, check in at the event with Whova, and that’s it! The relevant badges for the sessions you attended will be sent directly to your email in the weeks following the event.  


After you’ve received your badge:

You can download your official SiW badge from the email you receive. The email also serves as verification of your accomplishment.