Press & Media Info

This is where you can find helpful materials such as our branding guidelines, press releases and official imagery. If you’re looking to request an interview or attend an event under a press pass. Please submit a request via our Contact Us page.

SiW 2019 Press Release Coming Soon!

Stamford Innovation 2018 Week Press Release

Stamford Innovation Week: Cultivating Unexpected Opportunities for Growth

Brand Guidelines

Wherever it is written our brand should be displayed as “Stamford Innovation Week (SiW).” Subsequent mentions may use our full name or SiW. The “i” in “SiW” is always lower case to clearly distinguish it from a lower-case “L.”

Brand colors, styles and logos can be found below and should be adhered to strictly.

Stamford Innovation Week Style Guide

Our colors & fonts


siweek logo

Official Imagery

Feel free to use the images below in marketing, promotion, and press. Wherever an image is used “Credit: Stamford Innovation Week” should be displayed. No other images used on this website nor in social media or elsewhere should be used at official SiW imagery. Design credits; Holly Danger, Jonathan Harrington, and Lucia Oliveri.