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2019 Promo Press Release

Moving Great Ideas Forward: Stamford Innovation Week Announces Dynamic 2019 Lineup

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Stamford Innovation Week steadily expanding into major regional presence

September 14, 2019 | Westfair

With its inaugural edition having surpassed expectations, Stamford Innovation Week is returning this year with even more ambitious plans, according to founder Jonathan Winkel.


Stamford Innovation Week sees attendance surge

October 3, 2019 | Hearst

Attendance at the second annual Stamford Innovation Week held last month easily surpassed the turnout for the first year, according to its organizers. A total of nearly 4,900 people attended the eight-day series, up 63 percent from the inaugural Innovation Week held in 2018.


Stamford Innovation Week aims to galvanize startup community

September 18, 2019 | Hearst

Last year, some 3,000 people attended the inaugural Stamford Innovation Week. Its organizers are expecting the turnout to grow by two-thirds for the sophomore edition.


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Wherever it is written, our brand should be displayed as “Stamford Innovation Week (SiW).” Subsequent mentions may use our full name or SiW. The “i” in “SiW” is always lower case to clearly distinguish it from a lower-case “L.”

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A Look Back at SiW 2018

With over 50 events and 3,000 tickets sold or claimed, last year was a grand success thanks to you, our community.

Our kickoff show at Stamford Town Center created the momentum and excitement that set the stage for our event series. From there, dozens of events featured themes like blockchain, sustainability, learning and training, and much more.

Be sure to check out our 2018 Review page for additional information, all the numbers from 2018, and our gallery.

Last year, thousands of people came together for the first Stamford Innovation Week. What started as a concept in the Spring, quickly turned into a vision that Summer and evolved into an epic 11-day innovation festival that Fall.

While 2018 was an incredible success, it was our first year and a light-speed sprint. It was also an incredible learning experience; we gained key insights into our audience, what they wanted, and what ‘success’ would look like for our organization moving forward.

2018 By the Numbers

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