Marc Baskin has spent a majority of his career in start-ups and high growth technology and media companies leading from the finance, strategy, operations and administrative roles. He is currently CEO/Founder of Cryptokist, an Enterprise Blockchain Technology Services firm, helping Fortune 1000 clients access the profound power of the Blockchain and transform their business model before they are disrupted by a more trusted version of themselves. Cryptokist also provides a complete technology strategy for companies raising funds through ICOs. Since jumping into startups during the first Internet bubble in 1999, Marc has helped several companies grow from a handful of people through M&A exits to public companies. Marc also is a professor teaching Entrepreneurship at Montclair State University. In the New Jersey entrepreneurial community, he is founder and co-organizer of the Morris Tech Meetup and an advisor to the Morris County Economic Development Corporation. Marc recently filed a patent for a method of using Augmented Reality to diagram instruction sets and is working on the Linxist project, a blockchain application to usher in the Identity Revolution.