Michael Kazley is an investor and security trader. He co-founded Crescent Crypto to institutionalize cryptocurrency capital markets.
Prior to Crescent Crypto, Michael was a senior research analyst and trader at Cedar Lake Capital Ventures LLC – a hedge fund focused on natural resource equities and opportunistic investing. His day-to-day roles included idea generation and their practical implementation in the financial markets, as well as communicating with investors and brokerage houses. Prior to Cedar Lake, Michael began his career as an analyst at Goldman Sachs – trading and implementing institutional asset management mandates. He invested across the spectrum of traditional asset classes, and dealt – like other investors – with the frustrations of delayed settlements, slow funding transactions, and the general impediments of the global financial system’s centralized cash and security transfer protocols. His experiences made clear the promise of blockchain technology and the opportunity set it represents. Michael graduated from Cornell University in 2013 with a B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations. He was a pitcher for their Division I baseball team, and winning an Ivy League Championship.