SiW sponsorship elevates your brand, engages your employees, sparks creative thinking, and builds community. All at once.

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There’s no better nor faster way to explore sponsorship than our comprehensive guide. This small masterpiece covers everything from premier sponsorship tiers to our swag bag and event participation details.

This document also details numerous partner and in-kind collaboration opportunities and other ways to get involved.

You're in Great Company

There are numerous sponsorship opportunities for SiW and its premier event, the FastFWD Conference. Sponsorship is chiefly managed with our Premier Sponsorships. These give you an opportunity to have a presence throughout the week and in FastFWD itself. There are also Event and Official Partner sponsorships. Event Sponsorship gives you an opportunity to have your brand associated to individual events. Official Partner sponsorships are available with exclusivity for service providers, such as ‘Official Accounting Partner’ or ‘Official Co-working Partner’ and are bespoke to each provider.

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Past Sponsors Include: