SiW sponsorship elevates your brand, engages your employees, sparks creative thinking, and builds community. All at once.

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There are numerous sponsorship opportunities for SiW and its premier event, the FastFWD Conference. Sponsorship is chiefly managed with our Premier Sponsorships. These give you an opportunity to have a presence throughout the week and in FastFWD itself. There are also Event and Official Partner sponsorships. Event Sponsorship gives you an opportunity to have your brand associated to individual events. Official Partner sponsorships are available with exclusivity for service providers, such as ‘Official Accounting Partner’ or ‘Official Co-working Partner’ and are bespoke to each provider.

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Get the 2020 Sponsorship Guide

There’s no better nor faster way to explore sponsorship than our comprehensive guide. This 7-page masterpiece covers everything from premier sponsorship tiers to our swag bag and event participation details.

This document also details numerous partner and in-kind collaboration opportunities and other ways to get involved.

FAQ—why do I have to download the guide? Answer: The guide contains the personal contact information of our staff and Executive Director.

SiW Premier Sponsorships



Primary Logo Position on all track materials and web pages. Primary logo position on main website homepage and sponsor page. Logo in email footer for all SiW emails. Opening or closing remarks at the FastFWD Conference. 10 All-access tickets for employees/guests. 2 named scholarship tickets for FastFWD. Press box access at SiW Events. VIP priority seating at all events. Welcome email day before event kickoff. One Visionary sponsorship is available per track:
  • Emerging Technology
  • Entrepreneurs & Startups
  • Digital Media
  • Food & Beverage
  • Blockchain

Past Visionaries Include:



Secondary logo position on all track materials and web pages. Secondary logo position on main website sponsor page. Closing remarks at event. 5 All-access tickets for employees/guests. 1 named FastFWD scholarship ticket. VIP seating at events where available. Thank you email after event closing. Three Revolutionary sponsorships are available per track:

  • Emerging Technology 3 2
  • Entrepreneurs & Startups 3 2
  • Digital Media 3
  • Food & Beverage 3 2
  • Blockchain 3

Past Revolutionaries Include:



Tertiary logo position on all track materials and web pages. Tertiary logo position on main website sponsor page. Five Disruptor sponsorships are available per track:

  • Emerging Technology 5 4
  • Entrepreneurs & Startups 5 4 3
  • Digital Media 5 4
  • Food & Beverage 5 4
  • Blockchain 5

Past Disruptors Include:

Event Sponsorships

Event sponsorships are a great way to associate your brand or company with specific events. The scope, scale, and investment-level of each event is developed under a collaborative process with the SiW team. If you would like to learn more about this program or a specific event please CONTACT US anytime.

Kickoff Show

This year, we plan to open the week with an installation-focused and project art focused pop-up gallery. Within the gallery will be the official SiW speakeasy. More details soon!


Open Gallery

This summer, SiW will issue an open call for artists to submit their works for inclusion in our Open Gallery. The Gallery will be open in conjunction with specific SiW event.


OktoBeerfest Tent

Before and during Half Full Brewery's Oktobeerfest, SiW will have a VIP experience tent. This will be a venue for several intimate events and also available during the OktoBeerfest to SiW FastFWD and All-access badge holders.

In-kind & Partnerships

SiW is happy to entertain nontraditional collaborations as well as in-kind contributions. Generally, in-kind contributions come in two forms; 1) donations made that support SiW operations, or 2) products and services to be given as awards or for the promotion of the sponsor’s brand. Partnerships include things like co-coordinated events, event hosting, learning and training content and more.

We are currently seeking donations of hardware (laptops, iPads, etc.) for internal use. We are also seeking services or products for startups to be given as prizes for iSpark.

Sponsorship FAQs

Oh yeah. Sponsoring any level gives you first right of refusal for that level or event next year. All sponsors receive VIP event access and seating. You’ll be invited to our sponsors-only event during SiW and our Sponsors Appreciation Event in either October or November.

Both. Things like the welcome sign and brochure at an event would be mostly dedicated to the event sponsor. SiW signage would be dominated by premier sponsors. Premier sponsorships also get dominant position on the website and in email. It’s also important to remember that there are only a handful of events that can be sponsored, the rest will exclusively feature Premier level sponsor branding.

This is handled on a case-by-case basis with special consideration given to previous sponsorship commitments and cash sponsors.

Awesome! We should talk. Please drop us a line via our Contact Us page and we are happy to discussing creating a custom package just for you.